• Life's Little Bugs
    7 hr(s) ago
    Keep 15th Feb free & come & meet us at Waterstones Camberley. Stories, activities & a chance to get your favourite LLBs book signed. Check out events for times!
    Can't wait to meet you!
  • Life's Little Bugs
    3 day(s) ago
    We know why rubbish should go in the bin but do your children? When Litter Bug & Fly found out they soon changed their messy ways...
  • Tina Stubbs
    1 week(s) ago
    Heads up LLB’s members! The Year’s only just begun & we’re already gearing up for new&exciting features!Lookout for Rewards, discounts& more Rewards to save&collect!Checkout our Bugshop &see what you’re treat yourself to!👍
  • Nick Dyson
    1 week(s) ago
  • Ethos Miles
    1 month(s) ago
    We went to award party!! 7th December

    “Award in hand”

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